Here’s how it works.



My teaching approach and they way in which I run classes is somewhat unique. My studies in nueroscience, cognition, perception, biology & psychology inform the way that work with my students.  My first priority with students is to help them better understand the mechanics of the visual system, the behavior of light, the underlying physics and chemistry behind drawing & painting and the nature of perception.  I want to make sure they are functioning properly (technical execution and strategies, etc.) more effectively and more efficiently.  Then I help then nourish their personal style. I start every new student off with a prescribed series of exercises and studies that are designed to not only introduce and re-enforce sound strategy and competent skills, but also to immediately flush out any problem areas that need to be addressed.  Once technical skills are addressed, we focus our attention on  aesthetic choices. My students range in skill  and experience from utter novice to professional and I’ve had great success helping each one of them improve.   I feel confident that I can help my students learn to better express themselves, whatever their aesthetic leanings may be, and whatever skill level they may have when starting with me.  

I don’t organize classes by levels, just by time-slots.  Class times currently are on Tuesday evenings from 6 to 8:30; Tuesday and Wednesday mornings 10 to 12:30; and Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons 1:30 to 4.  Classes are typically held on an every-other-week basis.  My hope is that students work on their projects and their skills during the “off weeks,”  applying what they've learned in class, and then bring their work in for critiques.  Some classes are full, so please let me know what times interest you, and I will check availability.

Classes are not grouped in session.  You can buy one class at a time, or purchase them in groups.  Classes are very flexible, in that you only use classes as you attend.  Although students typically sign up for one class slot that best fits their schedule, students may attend any class that I have available room, so you are not locked in to a specific class time.  You may also attend multiple times per week (given available space).

There is a rolling discount whereby the more classes purchased in advance, the less each individual class costs.  (1-$55, 4-$200, 6-$285, 8-$360, 10-$440, 12-$512.50...up to 40 classes.)  I accept cash, check, or credit card.

There are no materials to purchase.  The fees include materials (charcoal, drawing material, canvas panels, brushes, oil or acrylic paints, etc.)  You are more than welcome to bring in your own brushes if you wish.

Students also receive discounts on the purchase of my artwork.

If you would like to join my classes, please reach out to  me via my Contact page.