Behind the Brush

David O. Schuster




I consider myself to be a contemporary realist.  The inspirations and subject matter for my paintings are the scenes and circumstance that I encounter in my everyday life.  

I allow my subject matter to inspire me to communicate what I have found, sometimes in vastly different pictorial ways.  Regardless of choice of media or technical approach.  

I am moved to express my unique interpretation of our common existence, visually communicating, my observations, in hopes that my art might connect and resonate with the viewer

My work can be seen at the Kentucky Fine Art Gallery at 2400 Lime Kiln Lane, Louisville, Kentucky.  I have joined four other accomplished Kentucky artists to create a collaborative gallery.  My partners include Jaime Corum, Greta Mattingly and Robert Halliday.  Leslie Spetz, a framer experienced handling original art, shares the gallery space and will be happy to show our work Tuesday through Friday 10 to 5, and Saturday 10 to 2.

Please join me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  I am active as David O. Schuster.